Message from the President

Jib Narayan Belbase (President 2017-2019

Middle of teen aged Nepali Community probably the oldest Nepali community who was established in the middle of 2003. Since its inception, the numbers of settlers have grown rapidly and we have more than six hundred Nepalese families currently living together in the community. GRNC is proud to state that it is indeed a community for all Nepalese regardless of their ethnicity and tribal and social background.

Farnborough and Aldershot is a very nice place to live in, proud to state as it is known a heart and center of hub prouding itself as birth place of British Aviation where numerous programmes held in surrounding. Can be found good schools, excellent NHS near by and surgeries as well as huge shopping centres and beautiful leisure parks even easy access to London, Guildford, Reading and Basingstoke.

However, GRNC also acknowledges the fact that there is a need for certain things in the community that helps us to bind together as a close and healthy community so that we can look after ourselves through good and bad times.

Aims and Objectives

1. To promote better understanding amongst the Nepalese residents living within Rushmoor Borough Council
2. To promote better understanding between the Nepalese community and the other communities within Borough.
3. To encourage social contacts amongst Nepalese residents within borough as well as with other communities through social, religious, cultural and educational activities.
4. To establish a link and to be an expert voice of and for Nepalese residents of Rushmoor by lobbying, campaigning and through consultation and partnership with any appropriate body both locally and nationally.


Our Pioneer Presidents

Mr Raj Kumar Subba
2003 – 2005

Mr Surje Gurung
2005 – 2007
Mr Rohit Gurung
2007 – 2009
Madhukar Gurung
2009 – 2011
  Mr Tikendradal Dewan
2011 – 2015
 Mr Om Prasad Thapa
2015 – 2017