Footage shows Parliament gates UNMANNED and OPEN after Westminster terror

SECURITY concerns have been raised after new footage revealed that the Westminster terror attack could have been even worse had the terrorist Khalid Masood been joined by an accomplice.

Shocking new footage has revealed that the gates into the Houses of Parliament were open and unmanned for several minutes in the aftermath of Wednesday's terror attack.

The video, captured by The Times, sees armed officers swarming the forecourt following the terror attack but leaving the iron gate that allows in vehicles wide open for several minutes.

The latest revelation has raised fresh questions that the terror carnage would have been even worse had the terrorist, Khalid Masood, been joined by an accompolice.

In the video, pedestrians can be seen walking past the wide-open gates following the terrorist attack, leaving the iconic political site open to a potential second attack.

No police officers can be seen attending the entry point, known as Carriage Gates.

At one stage during the brief security lapse, a courier on a moped even appears to enter the grounds unchallenged.

Metres from the scene, at the same time, Theresa May was rushed from the scene in a waiting car.

Following the attack, MPs have called for a review of the security arrangement around Parliament

Despite this, Scotland Yard's anti-terror chief has insisted that current arrangements are "proportionate".